"My name is Joel, and I'm an expert marketer."

My wife started a dental office before we met, and needed marketing assistance to help grow her practice. After months of dating, I said, "Let me help you out, marketing for B2C businesses is what I do". When analyzing her business I noticed right away that her business listings across the web weren't congruent or optimized to capture local customers.

  • I started off by getting all of the mentions of her business across the web unified and targeted to within 5 miles of her business. I wanted to ensure that if someone in her local zip looks up the word dentist she appears near the top organically (SEO).
  • The next step was to start acquiring patients, so I bought ads on Yelp, Google, Facebook, Yahoo & Bing. After months of testing, I came up with the right blend of budgets across all the different platforms.
  • I also continued to find different directories to place her website in order to increase her organic search rank on the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

My wife saw tremendous growth for her business and is the highest ranking dentist site in her zipcode.

After marketing for her business successfully for years, her friend and colleague asked me to assist with local marketing for his practice as well. After a couple of months, he started to see the impact on the increased new patient calls for his business. That's when I decided to take my offering to a larger audience.

In order to be efficient, I decided that I wouldn't have more than one dental practice per zip code so that my advertising and SEO efforts wouldn't be competing against themselves.

Now you have been selected to put my marketing expertise to work for your business!

How it works


If you want 25%-40% uptick in calls and new patient appointments every month for your practice I can help.

All in Costs

$2.5k per month


Google, Bing, Yahoo: SEO, SEM & Profile Optimization

Facebook & Yelp: Advertising


3-month minimum contract, then month to month

**I only work with 1 dentist per zipcode to ensure no conflicts.


Dr. Ghorab DDS, PC

I have been working with Joel since 2015 and started seeing increased calls the first month after I started working with him and 6 months later I was in the top 3 for "Dentist" on Google in 92672

Dr. Pouria Maleki

I have been working with Joel since 2017 and started seeing increased calls right away. He’s very knowledgeable and always willing to work to ensure the advertising drives tangible results for your office which means new patients.

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